Job Details

We have an opportunity for an awesome model maker and model making electricians to join the team based in our Battersea workshop.

We don’t limit ourselves to the traditional materials or methods of constructing models. We encourage all our makers to keep up to speed with technical and industry advances. That includes learning new production methods, technological developments and interesting techniques vital to our projects.

We push ourselves and our clients to produce models people love.

We have have the latest technology at our disposal but we'll never loose these

How to apply

If you think you have the skills, dedication and talent to take on the role, let’s talk. And if you are interested but unsure about moving jobs just now, it’s still worth us meeting. So get in touch and let’s go for a cup of tea and chat.

Please send a CV and short portfolio or website to Please indicate current working salary / availability and put the job title in the subject heading.

Join Us

Grain is a studio based in Exmouth Market and workshop based in Battersea, London. It is here we combine the science of architecture with the art of design to create CGI, interactive experiences and scale models that our clients fall in love with.

We innovate together. We learn from one another, borrowing ideas and blending our skills. We challenge traditional methods and push what’s expected. We even have weekly seminars to share our expertise. And we collaborate constantly, checking in and refining our ideas every step of the way.

Our studio has a culture of constant innovation and freedom. We are led by our hunger for ideas and creativity.

We created a special gift for our client – a palm-sized model of the building, using exact materials from the build.